10 Best Mold Remediation Services In Houston, TX

Top Rated Mold Remediation Services In Houston, TX

Houston has seen an increase in mold and mold remediation companies that are not qualified. We’ve done the hard work and found 10 Houston locals who offer mold remediation services for a wide variety of different situations.

This list is designed to highlight ten Houston locals who have proven themselves as experts in the field so they can be trusted with your home or office’s health!

Before choosing any company to do your mold removal, there are some questions you will want to ask them about their qualifications and certifications. 

Top 10 Mold Remediation Services In Houston

Use this list to help find the best mold remediation company for your needs.

Mundae Cleaning & Restoration Services

Mundae Cleaning and Restoration Services, Inc. has been family-owned for over thirty years. Mundae is committed to honest pricing, quality craft, and guaranteed services in the Houston, TX area.

They are passionate about earning your trust by providing a continually expanding list of value-driven cleaning and restoration services that are centered around what you need, in moments where time is of the essence.

Water Mold Fire Restoration of Houston

Water Mold Fire Restoration is a company that was founded in Houston, TX.

WMF Restoration strives to be the best at what they do, providing their clients with the most exemplary service available in mold testing and mold remediation services. They are licensed, bonded, and insured for all your needs, including commercial, industrial, and residential properties.

Houston Mold Guys

Houston Mold Guys is a mold inspection company that specializes in removing mold and mildew from homes. Houston Mold Guys have the equipment and expertise to restore your property to normal after a mold problem. The company is committed to restoring your home or business to pre-incident condition so that you can continue with life without any worries of potential health issues.

Since mold can develop within 24-72 hours of water entering your home, Houston Mold Guys should be one of the first people you call if this were to happen to you.

Green Home Solutions of Houston

Green Home Solutions is a company that specializes in mold removal services. They offer air quality services to help their customers breathe cleaner, fresher air in their home or office.

They can help remove humidity, mold, and moisture within your home or office space. They use effective treatments that last for years so you can have peace of mind knowing your employees or family are breathing better air while they are at work or home.

Rytech Houston Water Damage and Mold Specialists

In 1995, Rytech was formed to solve the problem of mold growth and mold remediation. As a company headquartered in Houston, TX, that provides efficient mold removal for their customers. With new technologies coming out every day, they have become leaders in this industry because many companies cannot offer these services efficiently effectively.

AdvantaClean of Houston Central​

AdvantaClean is the company to call when you have water damage in your home. They’re there for all of your needs, from emergency clean-up and restoration services to preventative maintenance plans that can help protect against future disasters.

The AdvantaClean team has been helping people since 1994 with their noninvasive methods explicitly designed to provide a safe solution for any moisture problem.

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Drymore Mold Removal

Drymore Mold Removal is a professional mold remediation company that offers the best, most thorough services in Houston, TX. Drymore has been providing quality services with complete transparency.

They understand how important it is to remove toxic black mold from your home as soon as possible because left untreated. It could lead to serious health issues, like chronic respiratory issues, eye irritation, chronic fatigue, and persistent headaches.

Reliant Mold Testing & Inspections

When Houston residents or business owners have mold issues, they can turn to Reliant Mold Testing and Inspections for accurate testing without being upsold.

They offer accurate results that let you know what your options are, so there is never a need to worry about paying exorbitant fees upfront before knowing whether it’s necessary. The market in the mold removal industry has grown exponentially, with companies left and right trying every trick in their book of scams just because they’re an easy target who might not be aware enough when their homes start growing this menace from within.

This does not happen with Reliant Mold Testing & Inspections, which only offer the customer the service that they need for their specific problem.

Lone Star Pro Services

Lone Star Pro Services is a local restoration and remediation company with the latest equipment and advanced mold removal technology.

With them by your side after any disaster from flooding or hurricanes, or mold growing due to conditions like rainwater leaks – you can count on their team of experts for prompt emergency cleanup service at all times.

Restoration 1 of Central Houston

If you’ve been affected by a disaster, Restoration 1 of Central Houston can help. They have certified mold inspection experts to stop the damage from progressing and provide top-notch damage restoration services if your property has been compromised with water or fire/smoke damage or mold growth.

No matter what issue it may be caused by – no problem. Their team will work tirelessly around the clock until your problems are fixed up and resolved satisfactorily so that life returns to normal as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What every homeowner needs to know about mold.

The cost of mold remediation in Houston depends on the size and location. For example, a typical one-bedroom apartment could be anywhere from $300 to $400 for removal only. If you need mold removed and many other contaminants as well -- such as lead or asbestos – it may cost up to ten times that amount.

Removing mold spores from a house typically costs anywhere between $500 and $600. This cost will vary depending on the size of the home, what needs to be done in order to get rid of the mold, as well as how many people are needed for this job. If you need help removing mold and other contaminants that may have resulted during, you should contact a professional.

FEMA does not pay for mold remediation.

Yes, mold remediation is the process of getting rid of any mold present in a home. A professional will come and use various tools to get rid of all traces of mold that are found on surfaces or within walls.

Mold is a fungus that grows in damp, moist environments. It's an organism that eats organic material like wood or paper to survive on a regular basis - just as we eat food every day for survival purposes! But where does mold grow inside of your home?

Mold can be found anywhere there are moist spaces indoors: behind window frames near bathrooms; under bathtubs or sinks down pipes; or in your dryer vent.

The most dangerous place for you to find this fungus is hidden away from view. It can grow in air ducts, or beneath carpeting at different parts on hardwood floors throughout the house because it hides especially well underneath these surfaces when they're wet with water droplets following rainfall events.

When mold starts to invade these areas of your home, they will start emitting an awful smell similar to mildew because of all the bacteria present within them.

Final Thoughts

Mold problems are a significant issue for homeowners in Houston. You can’t just ignore them and hope that they will go away on their own, but you also want to ensure that you get the right solution for your problem.

The good news is that there are mold remediation services out there that provide budget-friendly rates, high quality, and effective services to ensure that you deal with your problems as quickly as possible.