10 Best Massage Therapists In Houston, TX

Top Rated Massage Therapists In Houston, TX

As a Houston resident, you have many choices when it comes to finding the best massage therapist. Whether you are looking for someone with experience in deep tissue massages or want a relaxing Swedish massage, there are plenty of options available. This guide will help you find the perfect match for your needs and budget.

It is important to do some research before picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment so you don’t end up wasting time and money on someone who doesn’t provide what’s promised. So which massage therapists should you go to? Check out this list of the Top 10 Houston Massages Therapists below.


Top 10 Massage Therapists In Houston

Use this list to help find the best massage therapist for your needs.

Massage Therapy Houston & Memorial Wellness

Massage Therapy Houston & Memorial Wellness is the best place to find a professional and experienced massage therapist. We offer massages that are tailored to your needs, whether you need relief from chronic pain or just want to relax after a long day at work. Our therapists have a passion for helping and know how to make you feel better!

Houston Massage By Sonya

Houston Massage by Sonya is a full-service massage therapy center. They offer traditional Swedish, deep tissue massage, sports, prenatal/prenatal pregnancy massages, reflexology and more. Houston Massage by Sonya is committed to providing the highest level of care for their clients with quality services at affordable prices.

Bellaire Massage Therapy

Donna Freeman established Bellaire Massage Therapy in 2001, Located in Bellaire, Texas. Donna Freeman strives to help her clients achieve better health and overall wellness. Donna offers instruction in corrective exercise techniques for each individual’s unique needs and assessments of range of motion and body mechanics that may contribute to pain or injury. The company has knowledge based on massage techniques, including Deep Tissue Sports, Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Restorative Breathing, Anatomy in Motion, Medicupping, Corrective Exercise, Dynamic Stretching, Muscle Release, Trigger Point.

Massage Heights

Massage Heights is committed to providing a luxurious experience that helps elevate the lives of those who visit their retreats. From their massage therapy services to maintaining relationships with guests after leaving, they are passionate about elevating everyone’s life. Their goal is to help people live better lives through regular massage and skin therapy.

Kim Stacy Integrated Massage Services

Kim Stacy is a skilled and experienced healer who has been licensed in Texas since 2003. She has training in various massage therapy techniques, including Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue Release/Active Release, Trigger Point, and more. She believes that each of these techniques is effective on its own but proved that merging them has to be even better for clients.

She believes that no two massages will be alike because we can’t predict how our body will react from day to day, so she’ll always work on what you need that day and not just go for her pre-planned routine as other therapists do!

She has worked with people across various industries, including professional athletes who want deep tissue treatment before their big game or computer geeks trying to find relief for sore muscles after hours spent gaming. Her treatments are completely customized based on each individual’s needs.

BLIND TOUCH Massage Therapy by Andre D. Turner

Andre D. Turner is a third-generation, licensed massage therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field. He specializes in deep tissue massages and sports therapy but also offers relaxing Swedish massages. His goal is to help his clients feel their best by providing them with customized treatments tailored to their needs and issues.

Houston Medical Massage, PLLC

Houston Medical Massage offers a variety of services and treatments for clients who suffer from physical pain. The masseuses at Houston Medical are experts in the field, with extensive training that can help patients alleviate their conditions.

Houston medical massage is an excellent clinic that has helped many people overcome injuries or illnesses through therapeutic massages. While they offer several different types of therapy to our customers, they all come under one category: relaxation techniques! They use these methods to relieve stress, so it doesn’t build up over time–it’s great if you’re having trouble sleeping because your mind won’t stop racing!

Zalla Massage

Zalla Massage is one of the best massage studios in Houston, TX. They offer a wide variety of different types of massages, and they always keep their customers happy with their unmatched care that surpasses any other company’s. They are one of Houston’s fastest-growing massage studios, but they always maintain the highest quality therapists on their team.

Therapeutic Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage uses acupressure on trigger points to induce unbearable discomfort and/or painful sensations, but their therapists have developed techniques that work more effectively by combining modern sport massage with traditional methods such as stretching and joint manipulation. These therapies can relieve soreness or manage chronic pain without relying solely on drugs for relief! They have a powerful tool that will help people all over feel better, faster. Their therapists are focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

Blossom Massage

Blossom Massage has been in business for over ten years and is one of the most loved massage therapists in Houston. They offer therapeutic pain management, relaxation massages, deep tissue massage, prenatal care treatments on top of many other services such as skincare and luxurious products, all offered by our talented therapists treated like family. This means you’ll always get whatever treatment you need to help with aching muscles or unblock your energy pathways from these experienced professionals that work hard every day to make sure their clients feel great.

Frequently Asked Questions

What everyone needs to know about massage therapists.

It depends on the type of massage therapist and how long the massage lasts. In general, a 30-minute full-body deep tissue or Swedish Massage will cost between $50-100. A 60-minute full-body deep tissue massage will cost between $75-150

There are many different types, including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, reflexology, trigger point therapy, and many more.

Before a massage, you should shower or bathe to make sure you're clean. This will help you relax and enjoy your massage. It would be best to avoid overeating because the fullness in your stomach can make your massage uncomfortable.

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to find the best massage therapists in Houston, TX. It would be best if you had someone who will listen and understand your needs to provide you a personalized treatment that will make you feel better. Our team of experts has researched all the top-rated massage therapy professionals near you and found some great providers for you to try out.

You can be confident that any of these professionals will provide a fantastic experience and give you relief from stress and soreness. Please give us your feedback on which ones were your favorite!